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One Person Can Make a Difference

I’m an investor just like you, after graduating university I had a good job but after living expenses (and living with my parents), I wasn’t left much in savings let alone getting ahead. So I tried stocks and thanks to the urging of my girlfriend at the time, dabbled in some real estate.  Then came 2007, the financial crisis and I had stocks go to zero and get delisted, my portfolio was down over 40% whereas while our investment properties received multiple offers to rent, rent prices went up, it was only then did I truly realize the opportunity.

Since then we’ve been named a top 20 Influencer in Canadian Real Estate in the same conversation as much richer people than me: Scott McGilvray, Mike Holmes, the Property Brothers, etc… but we did not start off successful.

In 2008, we made the commitment to learn the system of operating a real estate investment business and we did going on to acquire over 30 properties personally, and currently hold 10.  We brought the same systems to help everyday local investors acquire hundreds of investment properties by simply treating clients like family, our brothers and sisters. Being the guide we would want guiding us by simply following the golden rule: do unto others as they would have done unto you. To guide them in a market that is ever changing. Back in the day, we could cash flow with a single tenant in a single family home. Today we apply more advanced strategies of rent to own, student rentals, short term rentals, and secondary suites.  Investing in real estate is really difficult in the beginning, we’ve all made mistakes including my own that cost us over $10,000 by renting to tenants our systems would have red flagged long before handing over keys.

We are the culmination of our own experiences as real estate investors, a living knowledge base of our hundreds of clients and their hundreds of properties.  We have interviewed 80+ of the best investors in Canada on what makes them successful and I mastermind with some of the best local investors in Ontario. The more experience one has, the more you can give others.

The results show as our clients returned 342% and 402% on investment in price appreciation alone in the last five and six years respectively in a market with rising rents.

Life and business was good so to give back, we decided to provide three Christmas dinners to families without food in 2014 but the need was great so we have since provided over 1,000 holiday dinners, registered our charity in 2016 the Hamilton Basket Brigade, and now focus providing the best holidays ever to the most impoverished families in Hamilton.

Our efforts did not go unnoticed either as our peers awarded us Realtors of the Year To Investors by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) in 2015, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine in 2016 and 2017 (the first and only repeat winner), and again as the by the Real Estate Investment Network in 2018 (the first repeat winner for Ontario).  Twice REIN has named us as the Leadership Award winner for contribution to the community in 2014 and 2017 (first repeat winner in Ontario) while accumulating other awards: Top Player in 2014 and Gold Award in 2018 and Hamilton’s Top 40 Under 40.

We strive to be the best of the best and have been recognized as such and now we want to bring our experience as a market leader to more people.

My Why:

Your building wealth matters to me. You need wealth to take care of your friends and family and to give back to your community. Everything is better with wealth, you have more freedom of time to spending with your family, work becomes optional, and only the wealthy can give the most to charity.

“I’ve been working with Erwin for over six years. He’s professional, thoughtful and easy to work with. I owe so much of my success to him and his team of experts.”

John RoumanisBurlington, ON

One Person Can Make a Difference

Erwin Szeto is a top influencer in the world of Canadian real estate investing. He constantly tries to inspire, and is inspired by, action-takers! After having transacted on over 30 income properties with real estate on the west side of the GTA, he has become a multi-millionaire real estate investor.

Erwin spends most days connecting, sharing ideas and making big things happen with other investors. He has gone on to help hundreds of clients grow multi-million dollar real estate portfolios, ensuring earlier retirement and financial security for his client’s families. Along with his team at Titan Investment Real Estate Group they provide best-in-class service for real estate investors who want to do more.

Erwin lives up to the ideal of making a positive impact on the community. He’s the co-founder of the Hamilton Basket Brigade charity which provides food and supplies to the most needy during the holidays.

When Erwin isn’t interviewing other local action-takers on his podcast The Truth About Real Estate Investing for Canadians, he’s hosting premiere networking events called the Halton REI where like-minded real estate enthusiasts come together to share experiences and build professional connections.

If you ever want to reach out to Erwin, you can do it here as Erwin is always open to making new connections.

“I’ve been working with Erwin for over six years. He’s professional, thoughtful and easy to work with. I owe so much of my success to him and his  team of experts.”

John RoumanisBurlington, ON

— Here’s How Erwin Can Help You —

For People Who Believe Real Estate is the Best Asset!

The iWIN Investment Real Estate team are hand-picked by Erwin and are ready to serve all your real estate investing needs and considerations.

We’ve helped more real estate entrepreneurs grow their businesses than anyone else.

Our clients have experienced a 341.8% ROI over the last 5 years from investing in real estate on the west side of the GTA.

Imagine what just one good income producing property could do for your life and family. What do you think would be different? Are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen?

With coaching and guidance from our team using our Freedom 45 Program, you can retire faster and live a more enriched life sooner. The program was developed by Erwin after years of award-winning real estate sales service, it’s the perfect program for setting and measuring your business goals.

Learn more about the program and see if you qualify over at the iWIN website.

iWIN is Erwin’s newest and biggest member event FOR INVESTORS BY INVESTORS!

Rub elbows with other local real estate investors at one of our iWIN events. Check out our upcoming dates at the Infinity Wealth website and join the guest list!

The Halton REI is a monthly event FOR INVESTORS BY INVESTORS!

Rub elbows with other local real estate investors at one of our Halton Real Estate Investors Group Meetings. Check out our upcoming dates at the Halton REI website and join the guest list!

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Featuring Interviews with Local Real Estate Investors in the Greater Toronto & Golden Horseshoe Area

  • Hosted by Erwin Szeto, an award-winning Real Estate Investor since 2005. As an entrepreneur in investment real estate, Erwin has coached numerous successful real estate investors by focusing on economic fundamentals and financials.
  • If you’ve ever wondered how people are building wealth in real estate, even in today’s crazy market, this podcast interviews local folks just like you from the GTA.
  • You’ll hear first-hand stories of the failures, successes and lessons learned on life’s journey to wealth and prosperity.

Become the Change You Want to See in the World

Thoughts and prayers are not enough to meaningfully improve the world. What’s required is taking action.

Built on the notion that one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can have an effect on hundreds. What began as an effort from a few individuals to feed families in need, has now grown into the Hamilton Basket Brigade.

A charity committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate and spreading a message of love and caring for every soul in our community.

— Here’s What People Think About Erwin —

“I have worked closely with all members of the Titan group including Erwin, James, Tim, Han, Tammy and Charles. They are consummate professionals and really understand the market from an investor’s perspective. The knowledge you get from them definitely pays for their service and then some. I highly recommend them if you want to buy or sell real estate.”

Andy Tran

“Titan Investment Real Estate is a dynamic group of professionals that strive for client success. They provide the full spectrum of services including education, networking, and sales, so you have all the support you need. I am working with James Maggs and am thoroughly impressed with his investment acumen and knowledge of the Hamilton market. If you are considering adding real estate to your investment portfolio, this group will help you develop a plan and execute.”

Kory Ball
Many real estate groups focus on selling people products. This group builds on education, support, and friendships to help develop each person’s own real estate empire. Erwin is an inspiring coach and mentor.
Zach Twose

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